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Time To Schedule

September 12, 2020

Hi Everyone

I suppose summer is officially over now that Labor day has passed... I'm sorry to see it go by so fast this year!

As we roll into fall and vacations come to end - it is time to refocus on our finances...  for those of you in our Actively Managed Asset Program - I am now scheduling the annual reviews to go over how the portfolio has been performing over this past year.  As always John Anderson can join us upon request.  This year - given the COVID situation we are making Zoom meetings available for this purpose - although we are also open to in-person meetings if you prefer.  Telephone conferences are always an option as well.  

More News:

Many of you have worked with my assistant Paula in the past.  Paula is a teacher by trade and has decided to "go back to school".  She recently accepted a position in the Souderton School district which is great for her - not such good news for us as she will be missed!  I have a new addition - Luna Mohamed who will be filling in for Paula on a part time basis.

Given this change up, and in general, in order to ease the scheduling process - I've set up a scheduler program which is accessible on my website -  You can also access the link directly:

Please visit the site and schedule your annual review at your convenience.  If you have any difficulty finding a time slot that meets your needs - please feel free to give me a call directly at 215-258-3885 x13.  You will notice that the annual reviews require 3 options for time - that will give me the opportunity to circle John in if need be.  

As always - if there is anything you need help with - please do not hesitate to reach out.